Beyond healing.

Solutions for healing that are sustainable, compliant, smart and personalized.

Personalize your patients’ wound care needs.

Quality Recovery’s personalized wound care program is a turn-key solution that provides physicians with more control throughout a patient’s healing journey. By working closely with you to design a wound care kit based on your patient’s needs, we help you go beyond healing – creating an additional touchpoint that enhances the patient experience, ensures compliance and improves patient outcomes.

Trusted. Compliant. Proven.

Quality Recovery is trusted nationwide by physician partners who want to improve patient care, increase compliance and drive revenue.

How it works.

We’ve designed a program that is simple and efficient for you and your clinical staff – making it easy to take a more active role in your patient’s recovery.

Step 1:

Quality Recovery’s integration team works with you to customize your patient’s wound care kit needs.

Step 2:

You place an order utilizing Quality Recovery’s simple-to-use HIPAA-compliant portal.

Step 3:

Quality Recovery builds the patient’s wound care kit based on your request and then drop-ships it directly to the patient for use.

Step 4:

The patient conveniently receives and uses the kit per your instructions, allowing you to stay involved in the healing process.

Step 5:

Your practice uses the information from our HIPAA-compliant portal to bill all insurances.

Need help or resources?

If you want to offer this program to your patients but are limited on resources, or you’ve used a program in the past that’s led to complications, we’ve got you covered. We’re Medicare accredited with a gold-star-rated billing team and proudly offer third party billing, intake/prior authorizations, chart review assistance and more.

Get started.

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