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SmarTrac – Remotely Monitored Physiotherapy For The Immunocompromised

When you are diagnosed with a compromised immune system, your days of lounging on the beach and visiting wineries are over. Instead, you’ll need to worry about your health and maintain a strong immune system.

A pragmatic way to do this is by participating in physiotherapy exercises prescribed by your doctor. But how can you ensure that you’re doing the exercises correctly? And what if something goes wrong – will you know how to deal with it?

Enter, SmarTrac: a remote monitoring system that allows physiotherapists to watch your progress (and correct any mistakes). Using SmarTrac, patients can feel confident knowing they’re doing their exercises correctly – and that help is just a call away if they need it.

How Does SmarTrac Work?

SmarTrac comprises a wearable device that records movement data and a software application that provides real-time feedback on the patient’s progress.

The monitoring device is attached to the body and records patient movement data. This information is then delivered to the software program, which displays it in a simple format that anyone can understand. The therapist can then conduct an evaluation and provide feedback as needed.

The software application also allows the therapist to set up exercises for the patient to do at home. These activities can be modified to meet the demands of each user and may be altered as their condition improves.

What are the Benefits of SmarTrac?

There are many benefits of using SmarTrac, both for patients and therapists.

No Chance of Other Infections:

Many people fear the potential risk of exposure to germs and infections when visiting a physiotherapy appointment. And rightly so – why put yourself at risk if you don’t have to? There’s no need to be concerned about this with SmarTrac because you may do your exercises in the privacy and security of your own home.

Better Adherence to Treatment Plans:

It can be challenging to stick to a physiotherapy regime, especially if you do not see results. With SmarTrac, you can be sure that you’re doing your exercises correctly and that they have the desired effect. It means you’re more likely to stick to your treatment plan and see the results you want.

Improved Accessibility:

Not everyone has the time or money to attend physiotherapy appointments. With SmarTrac, you can have your physiotherapy sessions from the comfort of your own home – and at a time that suits you. It makes physiotherapy more accessible for everyone.

Therapists, too, can benefit from using SmarTrac.

Reduced Time Spent on Administrative Activities:

One of the biggest complaints by therapists is the amount of time they spend on admin. With SmarTrac, all of the patient’s data is stored in one place, meaning that you can spend more time seeing patients and less time doing paperwork.

Greater Flexibility:

SmarTrac gives therapists the flexibility to see patients from anywhere. Whether on holiday or working from home, you can provide physiotherapy services to your patients as long as your internet connection is stable.

Ending Note:

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