ManaEZ™ Boot Pediatric


The ManaEZ Boot Pediatric is a controlled ankle motion (CAM) walking boot for children and are to be worn to help stabilize the foot and ankle after an injury or surgery. ManaEZ Boot Pediatric boots are color coded for an easy size selection.

Small: Pink

Medium: Yellow

Large: Teal

Features and Benefits:

  • Rocker bottom to stimulate natural gait
  • Low profile; lightweight
  • Anatomically-shaped plastic uprights to help facilitate a secure fit for children
  • Easy to apply and adjust with a simple strapping and liner system
  • Fits right and left

Ideal for: Treatment of stable fractures and ankle sprains, early rehabilitation of a variety of post-surgical and post-trauma indications requiring fixed control





ManaEZ™ Boot Pediatric Small

ManaEZ™ Boot Pediatric Medium

ManaEZ™ Boot Pediatric Large