At Quality Recovery, our team of experts provides independent pharmacies and physicians with solutions to claims processing in Worker Compensation.

We specialize in Workers’ Compensation billing services for medical providers, from pharmacies to healthcare practitioners. Unlike other billing companies that work with various insurance plans, we are committed to meeting the unique needs associated with Worker’s Comp benefits.

Our team is comprised of healthcare, pharmaceutical, and business experts who have extensive knowledge of the constantly changing healthcare industry. Quality Recovery will help you provide high-quality patient care, which enhances access to medications while increasing revenue potential for service providers.

Practices & Physicians

Our Workers’ Compensation pharmacy claims processing offers a way to improve patient satisfaction by ensuring that nearly 100% of your patients receive their medications, no matter the status of their claim. This is a great help for your patients while generating ancillary revenue for your practice.

Pharmacy Owners

For pharmacy owners, knowing that a patient can pay for their prescription is of utmost importance. If you have trouble with billing, then patients might not come back. When patients don’t seek prescriptions from your pharmacy due to a lack of trust or financial feasibility, you won’t be able to provide them any care.

Physician Pharmacy Services

An estimated 3 out of 10 injured workers have their prescription care delayed or denied. This disrupts treatment plans and can cause harm to patient care.

Our Workers’ Compensation (WC) pharmacy claims processing approach offers an effective way to improve patient satisfaction by ensuring that nearly 100% of your WC patients receive their medications, no matter the status of their claim.

Your practice can improve care for the injured worker while adding or continuing to generate an ancillary revenue stream.

Through a network of independent pharmacies, your practice and patients will see the following benefits:

  • Prescriptions are submitted through your current E-Prescribing software.
  • Patients will have their prescribed medications shipped directly to their home.
  • Patients will have NO out of pocket costs.
  • Patients may have greater medication adherence when compared to those receiving their prescription medications at retail store-front pharmacies.
  • All billing and collections will be managed for the client.

Pharmacy Services

Feel secure knowing that your pharmacy can fill every work comp prescription without the risk of non-payment.

Financial stability will allow your pharmacy to remain profitable so that you can continue to care for workers’ compensation patients. Our billing platform gives you the ability to fill Workers’ Compensation prescriptions without fear of non-payment. MDRx maximizes the economic potential of each patient encounter to ensure that all due revenue is captured.

MDRx provides pharmacies with two distinct options for handling your Workers’ Compensation Claims:

  1. Claims Purchasing
  2. Comprehensive Pharmacy Billing Service

Our comprehensive pharmacy billing service will manage all aspects of the revenue cycle:

  • Provider Credentialing and Enrollment
  • Claims Processing
  • Business Analytics and Reporting
  • Denial Management
  • Revenue Integrity Assurance
  • Claim Audits
  • Accounts Receivables Follow-Up and Optimization


Billing Specialties

MDRx focuses on Workers’ Compensation Pharmacy Claims Management for the following specialties:

  • Orthopedics
  • Pain Management
  • Podiatry
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Family Practice/Primary Care
  • Neurosurgery
  • Neurology
  • Urgent Care Centers