When it comes to DVT prevention, the key is increased circulation. However, this can be near impossible when a patient can’t get out of bed and walk around (due to illness or injury). Luckily there’s an easy solution! The PlasmaFlow helps patients at risk for DVT maintain blood flow by stimulating muscle contractions with an alternating current through electrode pads that attach directly to the skin near the patient’s feet – so there is no need to for the patient to change clothes or even move from where they are resting comfortably in bed!


  • Portable and lightweight device
  • Battery life of up to 10 hours after charging
  • Dual-mode enables you to increase pressure in tiny increments
  • Separate LCD screens to monitor usage and pressure

How PlasmaFlow Helps Patients

  • It helps prevent deep vein thrombosis
  • Provides an alternative for patients who can’t use anticoagulants
  • Provides convenient home therapy
  • The user-friendly device improves the patient experience
  • Reduces DVT related expenses