DJO OL1000 Bone Stim


The DJO OL1000 Bone Stimulation Therapy Device is an innovative way to help with bone regeneration in post-op patients. This device offers an easy, convenient, and effective alternative for those who have difficulty walking or require assistance with their mobility. The DJO OL1000 stimulates the body’s natural healing processes by sending electrical signals through the skin into the bones without surgery.


  • Easy to carry and comfortable
  • User-friendly & non-invasive
  • It can be used over a cast

This product uses electricity to promote healthy bone growth while simultaneously reducing pain due to conditions like arthritis. Its patented technology has been clinically proven to help patients regenerate their bones quicker than traditional methods. While it may not be appropriate for everyone, DJO’s new therapy device can provide relief to those suffering from debilitating conditions such as osteoporosis, cancer, and other conditions that affect bone health.

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