Amniotic Liquid Allograft Program

Regenerating The Body For Optimal Performance

Knee Treatment

Amino acids are essential for your health. They are the building blocks of protein and help increase mental and physical recovery, aid in wound repair, maintain cellular balances, and more. The benefit of injectable amino acids is that they bypass the stomach, which allows for increased absorption and efficacy when injected intramuscularly or subcutaneously.

Product Description

BioLab Fluid Flow™ is an amniotic liquid allograft derived from the amniotic liquid within the placenta to advance soft tissue repair, replacement, and reconstruction.

FDA-approved injectable amino acids have been used as a therapy for decades. We use these to help with muscle protein synthesis, protein status in patients with kidney disease, nutritional support, selective correction of the body’s deficiency or imbalance in one or more essential amino acids, and many other uses. Doctors and physical trainers prescribe amino acids for those recovering from surgery or with conditions such as Alzheimer’s.

Relevant Conditions

  • Sports Injuries
  • Joint Pain
  • Tendonitis
  • Fasciits
  • Muscle & Meniscus tears
  • Wound  Care

Donor/Tissue Screening The donor has been assessed for high risk behavior and relevant diseases. The donated tissue has been deemed acceptable for transplant in accordance with strict industry standards. All BioLab Sciences amniotic liquid allografts have been tested for potentially infectious diseases and terminally sterilized to ensure the safety of each liquid allograft.

BioLab Fluid Flow™ Product Benefits

Ready to use

BioLab Fluid Flow™ is provided in a vial as a ready to use flowable graft, with no thawing or prep required.

Room Temperature

BioLab Fluid Flow™ is stored at room temperature
(50-86°F/10-30°C) until ready for use. Product has a 1
year shelf-life.

Easy to Apply

BioLab Fluid Flow™ is provided in an easy to apply
flowable form, for precise delivery throughout the
intended site.

Why not find a way to feel better without relying on external factors? Quality Recovery carries injectable as well as oral amino acids to fit your needs.