ManaForce™ ATC


ManaForce ATC is a flexible yet durable custom dual strap ligament knee brace and thigh cuff system that enables the ultimate in suspension, protection and comfort by moving with the muscles throughout the range of motion. The ManaForce ATC has an adjustable active thigh cuff and a rigid posterior cuff that provides superior protection in an easy-to-apply, low-profile brace.

Active Thigh Cuff: Adapts to thigh musculature changes during motion for improved fit, protection, and suspension.

Posterior Calf Cuff: Reduces the potential for tibial crest issues


• Stabilization of ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL or treatment of combined ligament instabilities

• Protection of surgical repairs

• Conservative treatment of ligament damage or deficiency

• Prophylactic bracing for athletic activities

Features & Benefits:

•Active Thigh Cuff for optimal fit, protection and suspension

•Aero-Grade Aluminum is 30% thicker and stronger than most aluminum braces

• Low-profile intnerally-mounted D-Rings allows straps to have direct skin contact

• Adjustable extension and flexion stops

• Polycentric hinges




ManaForce ATC Right

ManaForce ATC Left