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How To Relieve Yourself From Winter Joint Pain

Just as the temperature begins to drop in Pittsburgh, it’s as if your joints are just waiting to come out of their summer hibernation, and before you know it, you’re wearing joint bands!

The cold can affect your joints, especially if you are past your prime or suffer from an orthopedic issue. That makes it hard to navigate your daily routine, and strenuous activity might need to be put on hold. Before you begin remedial exercises to curb the numbing pain, you must understand why the cold affects your joints.

Why Does The Cold Make My Joints Ache?

In plain words, the cold & dryness tenses up the major muscles in the body and affects mobility in the joints. That also causes you to feel sluggish & stiff. No matter how many warm layers you might be wearing, the cold can still make one feel uncomfortable as every move seems to trigger an odd ache. People with arthritis are particularly affected.

Here are some natural ways shared by Quality Recovery to deal with such joint pain flare-ups when winter has turned the corner.

Ensure Your Day Is Actively Spent

Don’t cancel your gym subscription; hire the services of a medical physiotherapist, take a walk, or sign up for yoga. These low-impact activities will keep your joints from stiffening up from the lack of movement brought on by lazing about the TV.

Easy On the Carbs

It’s a known fact that we tend to gain in winters because our metabolisms demand more nourishment to keep the body warm under a protective layer of fat. While that is fine, but an overindulgence on cakes, lattes, and chocolates should be kept on a leash. Weight gain directly affects the intensity of joint pain in individuals.

Wear Functional Instead Of Fashion

Your wardrobe should be reduced to thermals and more warm layers. Go out but only when you have made sure you are protected against the elements. And when you are taking a break from a chore, do it under the warm embrace of a comforter.

Use an OTC Joint Pain Soother

When the pain gets severe, you can always purchase an OTC joint pain reliever. Avoid heating pads if you have diabetes or have multiple medical conditions. Stay in touch with your general physician if the pain flares up too much.

Eat Well & Drink Less

Winters are the season of mulled wine, brandy, & spiced sherry. Don’t entirely cut them out, but drink in moderation. Focus more on hydration and a healthy diet of non-inflammatory foods to keep your body & joints stable.

Soak Up the Sun Whenever Possible

Vitamin D offers a bucketload of benefits for your skin, hair, joints & tendons. Whenever the sun is out, don’t miss it for the world. Soak up as much as possible with a hot expresso by your side.

Seek Joint Health Supplement Counsel

Supplements are beneficial for joint health, but it’s best to consult with an orthopedic doctor to avoid possible side effects rather than self-medicating.

If your joint pain seems to persist to the point of agony, do not hesitate to hire the services of Quality Recovery, Pittsburgh’s top patient care facility for remediating joint pain. Get started towards a more comfortable life.