Bionic Sling

L3960 and LE0936

The Bionic Sling is a universal shoulder sling with a continuous passive machine to promote small movements after shoulder surgeries to help patients recover quicker.

Features and Benefits

Bionic Shoulder Sling

  • Universal sizing and can be applied to the left or right side
  • Breathable material for patient comfort
  • Provides support for shoulder surgeries or conservative care of shoulder injuries

Passive Machine

  • The pneumatic passive machine included with the shoulder sling
  • To be worn to promote abduction movement with internal and external rotation
  • Ability to achieve various abduction angles from 30 to 90 degrees
  • The machine is portable, wireless, and rechargeable

Common Examples of Use

  • To promote small movements after rotator cuff, arthroscopic, and anterior repairs
  • To prevent frozen shoulder
  • Shoulder instabilities
  • To be worn to eliminate the need for contracture braces
BS001 Bionic Sling