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6 Rehabilitation Exercises For Strengthening Your Lower Back

Your lower back is the ‘power column’ that keeps many of your body’s functions on schedule. With so much stagnation induced by WFH initiatives & repetitive stress injuries associated with it, increasing numbers of people are suffering from chronic back pain. However, you can take out just a bit of your time to rehabilitate your lower back daily with a few simple exercises.

Please maintain caution and stop any exercise if you feel pain or distress & contact Quality Recovery in Baltimore, MD, and several other places across the country.

1. Knee-To-Chest Stretches

This relaxes & elongates your back from compression stresses from sitting for too long while working. With your back to the floor & with knees bent, feet flat, lay flat. Using both hands, gently pull one knee up to your chest hold it to your chest for around 5 seconds, keeping the abdomen taut. Return to a neutral position, and repeat with the other knee. Do it a couple of times, about 2-3 times a day between work breaks.

2. Seated Rotational Stretch

You can do this while seated at your office chair to relieve back pain & strengthen your core. Sit on a stool or armless seat with your feet to the ground, hands behind your head. Keeping your back posture straight, twist torso to the right, then to the left. You can place a hand (for stability) on the knee to aid the stretch. Hold each twist position for 10 seconds. Repeat it over 2-4 times a day.

3. Partial Curls

Position yourself with your back to the floor & knees bent, thighs hip-width apart, and hands crossed over the chest. Inhale deeply. As you exhale, tighten the abdominal muscles, lift your upper torso a few inches up; maintain the position for up to 5 seconds, and then relax. Repeat the exercise in 3 sets, each set spanning ten repetitions.

4. Glute Bridges

Lie on your back with the knees bent, feet flat & thighs hip-width apart. Anchor your arms to the sides, and raise your pelvic region to form a sloping bridge from shoulder to knees. Be gradual with your movements, inhaling & exhaling evenly—the exercise stabilizes your lower back and glutes.

5. Back Extensions

Lying on your stomach, face down, on the yoga mat, extend your arms & hands ahead of you, with your legs straight out at the other end, toes down. Engaging your shoulders, back, glutes, and hamstrings, lift your legs, arms & shoulders simultaneously. The position looks like Superman soaring through the air. Return to a neutral position. Repeat in sets of 10 with a 3-second hold. Keep your shoulders & neck relaxed as you move.

6. Swimmers

Lie down on your stomach, face down, on the yoga mat, and stretch your arms out in front of you, palms down. Keeping your back, glutes & abs engaged, raise your right leg & left arm from the ground. Return to position, lift the left leg with the right arm now. This is one circle. Try to do as many as 10-12 repetitions at a moderate pace & even breathing, your movements mimicking a swimmer in the pool.

Remember, never rush rehabilitation exercises, keep a yoga mat nearby, and eat healthily. If you have difficulty finding a physician who takes you seriously, you can rely on Quality Recovery. We partner with qualified medical doctors, surgeons & physicians in the country to secure you an opportunity for treatment. We also assist doctors with patient referrals & are fully equipped for licensed medical practitioners to use our facilities and rehabilitate patients.

If you are a patient seeking assistance to eliminate chronic pain, or you are a licensed medical practitioner willing to assist, get started with us today in Baltimore, MD! Get started.