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5 Effective Ways To Treat Plantar Fasciitis

That distinct, jabbing pain you feel in your heel? This pain stands out from any other jabs you might have experienced before. You feel a hint in the morning, and it goes away. But when you begin your daily chores, the pain revisits you, swearing to stay by your side forever!

This is Plantar Fasciitis. This condition is usually caused by unsupportive footwear, sometimes obesity, poor foot mechanics, and exhaustion. At Quality Recovery, in CharlotteNC, we offer several ways you can heal your plantar Fasciitis with. Learn about these five effective ways to treat Plantar Fasciitis.

1. Resting, OTC Medication

When dealing with the first few signs of Plantar Fasciitis, you need to take a few days off. Get some rest and have over-the-counter analgesics. Taking good care of your symptoms will ensure no inflammation occurs. In some cases where the Fasciitis is mild, this rest and the analgesics you take can be just the thing you need. This keeps you from developing chronic Plantar Fasciitis. 

But if the pain is severe, rest and OTC medication will not be enough. 

2. Injections – The Second Line of Defense

If your pain is unresponsive to rest and painkillers, consider some injections. Quality Recovery offers Amniotic Liquid Allograft Program for recovery from Plantar Fasciitis. The amino acids injected in the affected area will help heal, repair, and maintain cellular matter. This is not as effective as consuming amino acids with protein-rich diets; there is no effective nutrient absorption. Most of them are lost in the rest of the digestive process. 

Other injective therapies include stem cell therapy for when your Plantar Fasciitis has worsened. 

3. Physiotherapy Works Wonders for Some

Physiotherapy helps you stretch stressed-up muscles and release cramps. The areas physiotherapy will address will also include the Achilles tendon and lower muscles. Physiotherapy has slow results, but they are long-lasting. Your physiotherapist might ask to check your gait. This is relevant to analyzing the physiotherapy’s progress.

Physiotherapy will help you deal with your other pains, too, if you have any, like joint pains, etc. 

4. MLS Laser Therapy

Multiwave Locked System laser therapy is the most advanced treatment measure on this list. It thoroughly diminishes swelling and inflammation and effectively eliminates Plantar Fasciitis pain. While the laser wavelength is high, it is high enough to be effective and not harmful.

5. Orthotics and Splints

Wearing splints at night is a short-term measure of dealing with Fasciitis. But it helps prevent sleeping with your affected foot at the wrong angle. Get your recovery brace from Quality Recovery at a discounted price. Orthotics are made to fit in your shoes so that you place your feet firmly and correctly on the ground. If you feel like putting your feet on the ground at awkward angles while healing from Plantar Fasciitis, you need to buy some orthotics.

Quality Recovery, serving CharlotteNC, is ready to assist you if you feel like it is plantar Fasciitis that you are suffering from. Our practitioners will be happy to help. Get started with your treatment.